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Odyssey Therapeutics Launched: December 2021 Location: Cambridge, MA
Series A: $218M Series B: $168M

Notable: Odyssey is on a journey to discover and develop novel targets. The company has so far declared eight programs in immunology and oncology. Differentiator: Odyssey is rapidly expanding. Just ten months after securing $218 million in Series A funds, the company closed an oversubscribed Series B worth $168 million. As of October 2022, Odyssey counted more than 160 team members.

Leadership: Odyssey is helmed by serial biotech entrepreneur Gary Glick, Ph.D., who has founded several companies including IFM Therapeutics, Scorpion Therapeutics and First Wave Bio.

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Nick Paul Taylor

The Odyssey Therapeutics story is progressing quickly. Ten months after disclosing a $218 million series A, the Gary Glick-helmed biotech is back with another mega round as it prepares to push candidates into clinic-enabling studies next year. 

Glick, Ph.D., who made his name setting up and running biotechs such as Lycera, IFM Ther­a­peu­tics and Scorpion Therapeutics, founded Odyssey in 2021 and rounded up a deep-pocketed syndicate of investors to support his plans. By the time Glick publicly unveiled Odyssey late last year, the biotech had raised $218 million and built a 100-person team to advance seven candidates toward the clinic.

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John Carroll

If there’s one thing Gary Glick excels at, it’s raising money for his startups. Even in this soured financial environment.

No sooner had he closed his whopping big launch round for Odyssey Therapeutics — announcing it late last year with $218 million brimming in his coffers — than he was off and running on the Series B. And today he’s taking the wraps off of the added cash — all $168 million.

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Cormac Sheridan

Odyssey Therapeutics Inc. closed a hefty $168 million series B round to progress multiple small-molecule and protein-based drug discovery and development programs in autoimmune disease and cancer.

The Boston-based company landed with a splash last year, raising $218 million in a series A round and setting out ambitions to unleash next-generation chemistry, structural biology and computational approaches on a broad range of undrugged targets, typically upstream signaling nodes that control pathways considered to be important disease drivers.

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Located in Massachusetts, Odyssey Therapeutics aims to create next-generation precision medicine for patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases. The Odyssey team can quickly identify relevant targets and optimize therapeutic assets for clinical development using their in-house intellectual capital.

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Sam Mintz

Odyssey Therapeutics, launched early in 2021 by serial biotech entrepreneur Gary Glick, has brought in a big Series A round and is differentiating itself with what Glick calls “intellectual capital.” The company is working on a broad array of ailments, developing protein therapeutics and small molecules to modulate the immune system, with the goal of tackling inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases and oncology. It’s got a star-studded team of senior leaders and scientists, many of them pulled from big pharma.

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