Odyssey is rapidly advancing several programs in immunology and oncology, focusing on targets with strong validation but for which there are no marketed solutions. While some of these targets can be addressed with conventional drug discovery paradigms, other programs employ more creative approaches and new technologies – both computational and experimental. We plan to leverage our expertise in immunology, cancer biology, translational medicine, and data science to discover high potential targets that will offer the greatest probability of clinical success in cases where there are no promising known targets.

Targets with
strong validation
  • Achieve the optimal target product profile for patients
  • Highest quality candidates
Expanding the
druggable genome
  • Leverage computational, structural, and next generation chemistry platforms
  • Exploit novel modalities and mechanisms for target modulation
Novel, high
potential targets
  • Systems biology and proteomics for pathway mining and target identification
  • Functional and clinical genomics coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning