Our Approach

Catalyzing a Path to the Future of Precision Medicine

Odyssey is developing a portfolio of medicines designed to go beyond the boundaries of what is possible today. By leveraging the synergy of foundational biology, technological innovation, and our deep experience in drug discovery and development, Odyssey aims to make the promise of precision medicine a reality and transform the standard of care for patients living with inflammatory diseases and cancer.

We Aim to treat disease with better solutions and do it faster

Novel Insights and Target Identification

By focusing on targets that control key signaling nodes that drive disease and developing product candidates with optimal product profiles, we aim to create medicines that will provide disease-modifying benefits or cures for patients.

Integrated Capabilities
for Discovery

Our team of drug hunters is armed with cutting-edge tools to support our programs from inception through clinical development. These tools, which fuse both established and newly-emerging technologies, are integrated to form a powerful discovery engine that enables Odyssey to tackle the targets with the highest clinical potential in a modality-agnostic fashion.


Odyssey is organized to minimize bureaucracy, maximize efficiency, and capitalize on tools designed to speed discovery and development timelines. Our team works with urgency, rigor, and determination. Our people are empowered to make decisions in real-time with the singular aim of creating extraordinary leaps in outcomes for patients.

Our Unique Tools Drive Our Drug-Hunting Engine

Explore our platform approach below:

Target Biology and Discovery

Predictive and Data Sciences

Molecular Diversity for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Target Biology and Discovery

Odyssey’s target biology efforts focus on the rigorous evaluation of new target candidates. Our aim is to build proprietary knowledge bases around novel targets and to provide a competitive advantage with respect to addressing known targets in a differentiated fashion. The generation of data supporting a clinical development hypothesis for each target represents a key facet of our target evaluation process. Strong emphasis is given to targets whose disease relevance is grounded in human genetics.

Our target discovery research is supported by an in-house suite of cutting-edge tools, including CRISPR-based functional genomic screening, CRISPR-Cas9 base-editing, and both advanced cell culture and in vivo models of tumor biology. We are also a member of the Cancer Dependency Map (DepMap) 2.0 consortium sponsored by the BROAD institute, which provides us with access to genetic dependency data for hundreds of cancer cell lines and the opportunity to nominate our own genetic and compound-based genetic screens. The collective data generated through these efforts is analyzed by computational biologists who integrate our findings with public databases to provide a comprehensive perspective on the potential of the target to have a significant impact on the lives of patients.

Molecular Diversity for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

While chemical starting points exist for some targets, for many others, particularly novel targets, there are none. To address this challenge, Odyssey has built a group of proprietary small molecule libraries for hit finding, along with industry-leading, target-centric screening capabilities. This molecular diversity includes a proximity library for the rational discovery of protein stabilizers and protein degraders and covalent libraries covering cysteine, lysine, and tyrosine which are linked to an industry-leading proteomics and data analysis workflow.

For some important target classes like transcription factors and ribonucleoproteins, identifying leads remains challenging. However, the universe of natural products (NPs) offers potential solutions for these targets. Given their importance, Odyssey has developed a platform that can screen >108 NPs daily in target engagement assays directly for function. As inputs for screening, Odyssey has developed cultivation, cloning, and expression methods that give access to vastly more NPs than any existing methodology.

Predictive and Data Sciences

We incorporate data and informatics across the discovery and development process to enhance efficiency and increase the probability of success. One key tool is our small molecule in silico discovery platform that provides an end-to-end solution for hit identification through multiparameter-based lead optimization. The platform includes tools for identification of cryptic and allosteric pockets, hit finding in low data regimes (e.g., novel targets), virtual screening using ensemble models, and quantum machine learning for highly accurate predictions. Odyssey also has developed proprietary tools for generative modeling and machine learning that can be applied to hit finding through lead optimization.

While powerful, the full benefit of these tools can only be realized when placed in the hands of experts with years of experience. Indeed, the data scientists at Odyssey are recognized leaders in the development and application of computational methods for drug discovery. Their industry leading expertise, coupled with seamless collaboration with experimental drug hunters, positions Odyssey for success and provides a unique competitive advantage.